JULIAN  ELFER                                           SAG/AFTRA/AEA

Height: 6’2’’                         Hair: Brown              Weight: 190 lbs.                         Eyes: Blue/Green



A Day By The Sea                               Julian               Austin Pendleton/The Mint Theatre

Our Fantasia                                        Ciaran              John Patrick Shanley/Nylon Fusion

Blithe Spirit                                          Charles                                    Cape May Stage

A Perfect Crime                                   Asher                           Snapple Theater

Rosenkrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead            Guildenstern                Gloria Maddox Theatre

A New Theory of Vision                     Ted                              Sanctuary: Playwright’s Theatre

Twelfth Night                                      Malvolio *Best Actor*           Gloria Maddox Theatre

The Real Inspector Hound                   Moon                           Gloria Maddox Theatre

Troilus & Cressida                             Hector                             Instant Shakespeare Co.

Coriolanus                                          Lieutenant                    ShakespeareNYC

Poor Ophelia                                        Devil                            Vital Theatre

Anthony & Cleopatra                          Anthony                      Instant Shakespeare Co.


Romeo & Juliet                                                Romeo                         Rodney Cottier& Lucas Hare

The Libertine                                       George Etherage          Helena Kaut-Howson

Dangerous Liasons                              Valmont                       Southampton Drama Society

Troilus & Cressida                               Achilles                       Southampton Drama Society

Wild Honey                                         Platonov                      John Link

The Changeling                                                Vermandero                 Helena Kaut-Howson

The Soldier’s Fortune                          Beauguard                   Mark Ravenhill

The Tempest                                        Ferdinand                    Frank Hauser


World of Fuh                                       Albert Fuh                   Cady McClain

Sonnet Project                                      Sonnet 64                    NY Shakespeare Exchange

Reverie                                                            Adam                           Indie Film


Models and Me                                                Nick                             Pilot

Cannibalism: Extreme Survival                        Captain                                    History Channel

TRAINING  Terry Schreiber at T. Schreiber Studios, New York City

Graduate of London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA)

British American Drama Academy, Oxford University

Southampton University, Law Degree, England

DIALECTS  British RP (native), Cockney/London & Northern, Standard American, Fluent in German, French (conversational), Spanish (conversational)

 SKILLS        Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, Stage Combat; Advanced Certificate of the British Academy of Dramatic Combat, Driving License, Yoga, Singing (Bass/Baritone)

WINNER: 2009 New York Innovative Theatre Award for Best Actor in a Lead Role